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The Pizza Song & Topping Silliness! Learning In Zumbini®!

“I wanna Pizza! I wanna pizza! Spread the sauce! With some cheese!”
If you have taken Zumbini® with me during the “Hili and The Dance” music collection, then you know the Pizza Song!

One of our class favorites is a delicious song all about making pizza together. The kids love to move along while they sing about a yummy pizza they help to design.

While we make the motions of mixing the dough by rolling our arms around and around or chop up the invisible toppings to be added on top, kids are learning so much by connecting their words to motions. The kids practice new vocabulary words while they sing the steps of making pizza such as “mix the dough” and “spread the sauce”.


But one of my favorite parts is hearing their ideas come to life!

What kind of toppings would you like on your pizza?

  • Cheese!
  • Pepperoni!
  • Waffles!
  • Eggs!
  • Oranges!

Yes, we put waffles and eggs on pizza, just imagine it’s breakfast pizza! Why the topping silliness? Acknowledging and validating children’s ideas is a huge part of their social and emotional growth. When their contributions in class are repeated back in our singing, they have a sense of pride from their ideas being acknowledged.

The more children feel empowered to share their thoughts with adults who are truly listening, the more they will continue to positively grow their social, emotional, and conversational abilities!
So keep bringing those random suggestions for our songs, I can’t wait to sing with you and your little one soon!

A little pizza making party after class!

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