Math With Pizza!

Whoever believes you shouldn’t play with your food should not eat at our house. Check out what stacking, balancing, and STEM concepts we learned with pizza!!

At first, he was super excited to have two pizza pieces stacked up. Then he tried to add a third piece. Fell over. Tried again. Fell over. You get the idea.

In this game of stacking, I could see his brain processing what happens when he tries a new technique. He tried dropping the piece from a lower height or gently placing the piece right onto the stack. He tried moving the piece a little to the left and to the right.

What impressed me the most was his determination to make this pizza stack happen! He kept trying different methods until something worked. 

Through experimentation, testing, revising, and retesting, he used more of the scientific method at dinner than I used all throughout high school!

But the photo above was the most important part of this yummy story: he was so proud of his final accomplishment! Working through the frustration of having that third piece of pizza fall off so many times led to his extreme excitement when the pizza was finally stacked.

Yes, I could have done this for him to show him how to stack the food or even told him to eat the pizza, but giving him the time and space to finish his edible experiment gave him much more joy than I could have ever given him.

Make time today for your little one’s discoveries, no matter how small or delicious they may be!

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