6 Things I’m Afraid My Kid Will Do In Class

Afraid of what your little one will do in a group activity for the first time? Here are some of the top fears parents face when starting a new class and some comforting words of wisdom:

1. Lick the mirror

Mirrors are like this magical portal that must be licked. Toddlers are developmentally egotistical, which means they love looking at themselves but are also super curious. What happens if I lick this fascinating material? What does it taste like? Will I then have two tongues? No worries, that’s why we have glass cleaner. Lick away, little explorer!

2. Cry

Many kids cry at their first group experience; that’s completely normal! For some kids, it may be the number of people around them. Imagine if your whole life was spent in a relatively quiet place with less than four people around you, and then one day, you are put into a loud environment with 20+ strangers. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to arrive early. Give your little one time to take in this new place, meet a few new people at a time, and get to know the teacher one-on-one.

The slower they can become accustomed to their new environment, the quicker they will warm up to the class.

3. Be Shy

“You should see my kid at home! They sing all the words to every song, dance around the whole house, and never stop talking. This is weird!” Nope, not weird, just different.

Your little ones show their true selves at home because they know they are in a safe place where they are loved. They can do anything they want to try because you are there to smile and cheer them on. Being in a new class can make many former spotlight-seekers a little shy. Give them a few weeks to get used to the class, and they’ll show off their skills again soon!

Also, consider your child’s own personality; some kids are innately more reserved, quiet, shy, and introverted than others. And there’s nothing wrong with that! If they would rather take a more passive role in the class and observe everyone else, please know they are still learning. They will show you in their own way when they are ready. Maybe in the car or the bathtub or when you’re trying to get them to sleep, but at some point, when they are ready, they will share their talents.

4. Be crazy

Yep, some kids are so excited, and they just can’t hide it. They want to run as fast as possible, jump on the furniture, see what can fall, and go bananas overall. Please know we are not judging your parenting abilities due to your little one’s excitement! I’m one of those teachers who thinks, “Ok, how can I make this engaging for them? Let’s jump! Or shake a scarf really fast! Let’s sing as loud as we can!” Find a way to meet their excitement level with what they can do rather than what they can’t do; just keep it safe.

5. Not Share

If a group of kids aged 1-3 walked into my class and started sharing their favorite toy on their own, I’d retire with nothing left to teach. That would be weird. Try to take their perspective: this is the most exciting toy ever, and I want to be the only one to play with it. YOU CAN’T HAVE MY TOY, oh wait, I also want your exciting toy.

Sharing doesn’t mean giving up the toy you are using just because someone else is interested in it; sharing can mean learning to wait for someone else’s turn to finish or remembering to offer the toy to another child. Remember, every other parent in the class is also working on the same skills with their child. You’re all in this together; share the love!

6. Poop

Diaper blowout? Been there. Potty-training kid peeing in the corner? Yep, seen it. Again no worries; that’s why cleaning products were invented. Just know that your little one has no qualms about doing their business and getting right back into class, so neither should you!

Don’t be afraid; we’ve all been there! Find a class that will teach your child the skills you want to learn and positively grow them socially and emotionally.

Make sure you are relaxed and having fun; they will feed off of you. And remember, in a few weeks, this won’t feel new or scary anymore, as your child will then be an expert!

Feel free to comment with any fears or funny stories you had during a first-class with your little one!

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