A Mom’s Cup of Coffee (In The Style of  “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”)

If you haven’t read the classic, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, be sure to read this version before reading my version for moms!

If you give a mom a cup of coffee, her kid will want a banana.

She’ll put the coffee down and peel the banana.

When she gives the kid the banana, they’ll cry that it’s naked.

If they cry about the naked banana, she’ll try to give them 20 other food options.

Once the 20 options are in front of the inconsolable kid, they’ll say they aren’t hungry.

When she is almost done putting those 20 options away, they’ll ask for a snack.

She’ll take a deep breath and ask the kid what they want. 

Of course, they’ll ask for a banana.

When she places the peeled banana in front of the kid, they’ll laugh that the banana is naked.

If she remembers having a cup of coffee, she’ll drink it cold, wondering WTF happened that made her feel bananas. 

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