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Whether you’re looking to complete required clock hours or you want to push your thinking in new ways, I want you to love our training together.

Trainings are designed for:

  • Any stage early childhood educator wanting to know more about the science of “why” or “how” behind child development.
  • Any stage music educator wanting to know more about the intersection between music education, music therapy, and early childhood development.
  • Directors, supervisors, and teacher educators looking for unique information stemming from an ever-growing body of research.

My goal is to get you excited about new research, deepen your understanding, and challenge you to expand your thinking. And, of course, to become even more fascinated by the super nerdy side of early childhood education!

Here are current workshop offerings:

How to use music purposefully throughout the day (And stop hiding the basket of instruments)

Using the latest research centered around music therapy, attachment theory, and Polyvagal Theory, this workshop will challenge your understanding of how and why to use music in a classroom setting. Focusing on the physiological effects of music and the effects on social and emotional development allows you to deeper your understanding of music’s purpose and use throughout the day. After exploring the academic side of this information, we will begin applying this knowledge by sharing ideas and activities, all while increasing your confidence to be more musical. This workshop is designed for caregivers and educators working with infants/toddlers, young children, and even those young at heart.

Designed for Parents/Families, Educators, Supervisors, Directors, and other Early Childhood Professionals

Offered virtually or in person

How Other People Do It- Empowering diversity by exploring education and parenting practices around the world

Explore parenting practices from cultures worldwide and which of these practices triggers our implicit biases. Develop a deeper understanding of the “why” behind various parenting practices in order to understand better the diverse families entering your program. Learn strategies to help build relationships with families while embracing cultural differences and helping families to understand your program’s expectations better. 

The main take-home message from this presentation is the ability to acknowledge the parenting beliefs and biases we each bring into interactions with families from different cultural backgrounds. With more understanding and respect for the “why” behind various beliefs and practices, participants will be able to lead better conversations with families regarding the practices and expectations of your program. In this way, families’ home culture will not only be more included in their child’s daily experiences, but they will also gain a deeper understanding of “why” the program has specific beliefs and expectations too.

Designed for Parents/Families, Educators, Supervisors, Directors, and other Early Childhood Professionals

Offered virtually or in person

From conception to the classroom: A deeper look at children’s musical development across multiple stages of growth

A solid foundation is necessary for lifelong musicianship. In this training, we will discuss strategies to identify students’ needs and foster learning with developmentally and age-appropriate activities.

Designed for Early Childhood Educators, Elementary Music Teachers, Supervisors, Directors, and other Early Childhood Professionals

Offered virtually or in person

Using music to Avoid Tantrums, Improve Communication Skills, and Bond, even if you’re a “terrible singer.”

One of the best ways to form an early relationship with a child is through song. Our brains are hardwired to attune to melodies as early as our time in the womb. This training will help you gain confidence in using music throughout the day to improve communication between you and a child, help avoid tantrums, and to build a closer bond together.

Designed for Parents/Families, Early Childhood Educators, Supervisors, Directors, and other Early Childhood Professionals

Offered virtually or in person

Social Media and Marketing 101 for Childcare Businesses

Growing a successful childcare business relies on continuously growing your brand’s awareness. The more families in your community are familiar with you, the more referrals you will receive. In this training, I’ll break down the basics of social media and other forms of marketing into easy-to-implement ideas.

Designed for Supervisors, Directors, and other Early Childhood Professionals

Offered virtually

Coming Soon” workshop offerings:

  • Polyvagal Theory 101: What is it, and how do I use this in my classroom?
  • Brain Development and Epigenetics: How everything we do lays the foundation for future learning
  • F*ck, Another Self-Care Training: Using music, laughter, and cursing like a sailor to heal

Looking for Something Else?

I have been lucky to learn about many incredible programs I can now share with you.
Contact me for more information or to setup a class.

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